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Kheoh Yee Wei (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 18 March 2008 in Art & Design.

argh...........what the Hell in Heaven,today my PDA got ROBBED by the demoralized guy while i was reading Eliezer S. Yudkowsky's article called FAQ about the Meaning of Life on my PDA..I can't believe,right now,it is already GONE !

Ok,here is the boring long version of what happened to me -

I was on my way back home from college and i take bus everyday to achieve that goal .I always waiting for bus under a shady tree on a higher ground isolated 4 meters away from the bus stop and sometime i read my PDA,sometimes play with my binocular and my camera.So it turns out that Today(18/3/2008),I was reading my PDA.

[ Note of Regrets: argh!!! Why did i take out my PDA !? Why did i even stand there on this very day....i should have joined the others at the bus stop,well,but then,because the bus stop is just beside the busy road,so people breathe in and smell directly lots of cO2 and smoke and the omnipresense dust,so it is much better hiding under a dense shady tree on a higher ground,anyway, the bus stop is depressing for me :P ]

Then, like a ghost spoof beside you,here came *drum beats*...the demoralized guy! Wearing a helmet,asking me:

"Tinggal mana? "(where do you live?)

Then i answered back with a smile ( I was too damn kind !!) .Then,he asked while looking at my PDA :

"Boleh pinjam tak?"( Can i borrow that? )

I answered :" Tak boleh..(Can NOT)"

[Note of Regrets:argh......From that point,something is OBVIOUSLY NOT right,I should have run away to the lower ground,to the bus stop !!].

Then out of a sudden,he stormed towards me,trying to rob away my PDA,I naturally choosed the Fight mode in the evolutionary Fight or Flight so i fight back,holding tightly as possible to my PDA,and on his other hand,I saw he took out a knife during that chaotic moment and that was when i turned on my Flight mode....

I said: " Okay,Okay ..."

I surrendered my PDA to him.... Finally,the demoralized guy and his complicit drove away with a motor bike.Getting robbed while reading FAQ about Meaning of Life is ironic.Thanks to this am.....paranoid.....of strangers.... ,especially....people on bike....


SONY DSC-W1 1/8 second F/2.8 ISO 200 8 mm

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1/8 second
ISO 200
8 mm