Fighting Ignorance

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Kheoh Yee Wei (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 6 January 2007 in Miscellaneous and Portfolio.

I captured this photo of myself and processed it to make it somehow provocative that I hope it can invoke your thinking.

From my point of view,essentially,most people are ignorant because they are being totally absorbed in their own daily struggles.Not having the time and the motivation to get informed on their own,they are easy prey to those who have a direct interest and most vulnerable to false interpretations of reality.

There has been a lot of talks about psychological phenomenon of Cognitive Dissonance that makes people prefer to be lied to and made comfortable in their mind than to be told the truth and made uncomfortable.In reality,some people literally enjoy

being lied to,if the lies fit their predetermined ideas and interests.This is just NOT the way it is today ,as contrary to "This is just the way it is today" doctrine.

So,tell me ,what do you think?After all, exposing lies is part of true photography,right?

SONY DSC-W1 1/500 second F/5.6 ISO 100 8 mm

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objectif-plume from Belgium

that picture is very beautiful. you have captured the essential of human. I love that

6 Jan 2007 8:36am

Untitled from Kyoto, Japan

The image is beautiful. Is there a 'Canute' twist to this?

6 Jan 2007 9:26am

Aidan from Seoul, South Korea

There is a nice edgy-ness to this shot. The composition, the subject, and the vignetting all work towards this. I like it.

6 Jan 2007 10:51am

Srinivas Koduri from Visakhapatnam, India

Very nice image and words..

6 Jan 2007 12:35pm

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Nice shot. I really love the processing here! As for your commentary: People want to be comfortable whether it is physically or mentally. In today's world most people find it not only uncomfortable to venture beyond the self but impossible because of social and political restraints. My opinion only. :)

6 Jan 2007 1:19pm

Damon Schreiber from Toronto, Canada

Beautiful work. The mood in the image is a powerful one. I'd agree that photography opens eyes and can expose lies, though not always. Like anyone else, photographers can be dishonest and tell the stories that people want to hear in an effort to make people feel comfortable in their existing opinions. But inasmuch as photography can force you to look at something that you might otherwise "blank out", I think it can expose lies and change opinions. Anyway, I love thought-provoking pieces like this. Keep it up!

6 Jan 2007 1:27pm

Bob from New Jersey, United States

Very dramatic photograph.
Photography can also be used to cover up the truth or distort reality by only showing people the things you want them to see.

6 Jan 2007 2:19pm

tetsu from Tokyo, Japan

Nice work!!! I like this B&W image. :-)

6 Jan 2007 2:28pm

Madeline from Singapore

Wow... Love the way you captured the person and especially the way the waves break on the shore. The B&W also really brings out the rest of te emotions. Like the lack of colour. Keep it up!

6 Jan 2007 4:15pm

Stu from Kyoto, Japan

love the image and your commentary is interesting. i agree that many people are ignorant these days. life's everyday struggles can dominate people's minds, and the main-stream media distracts us and sets the parametres for rational debate and our world-view. It builds our little 'box', our own comfort zone, within which we're supposed to think and view ourselves.
As Damon said, photography can force us to look at the things we blank out, things which don't fit inside the box and that make us feel uncomfortable, but not always. It reminds me of a quote I once heard: "The camera never lies but the photographer often does."
Anyway, this is a great image....made all the better by your feeling behind it.
excellent work....keep on posting!

6 Jan 2007 7:01pm

Still from Valence, France

A fine image and i agree with the comment of Stu. I apreciate a lot this image too!

6 Jan 2007 10:00pm

H.O from Canada

Great work and beautiful capture!

7 Jan 2007 12:44am

Shuva from Hyderabad, India

Quite dramatic.

7 Jan 2007 5:04am

Kerstin from Paris, France

These are questions we rather avoid than really assume. Thanks for pointing out that matter with your beautiful, sensible shot.

8 Jan 2007 12:36pm

Damion Coe from Portland, United States

Very nice image. I think some of the mood comes from the contradiction of the sky and water looking cold and forboding and yet the figure is standing in it barefoot. I also see a nice contradiction in the water receding around your feet, but the next wave is braking right in front of you.

10 Jan 2007 12:22am

Fernando D. Rubio from Madrid, Spain


21 Feb 2007 11:21am

ROLANDs from charleroi, Belgium

very nice !

18 Aug 2007 12:56pm

Thierry Masson from orly, France

you speak about ideology. I think that most of our most intimate feelings and thoughts come from our childhood. If we feel happy when receiving lies and false informations, if we see that our relatives can make their life with these lies and if we don't get any education, or a light education, we shall adopt these thoughts. And when later we shall come back to these thoughts, we shall feel confortable. Education is a point, misery is another. Misery spoils poor people and compells them to act without any freedom. I stop there, your photo is great and I enjoy your comment.

4 Sep 2009 4:00pm

1/500 second
ISO 100
8 mm